Founded in 1939 by Don Dotson, Zephyr has come a long way from its humble beginnings in a small shop in Inglewood, CA. When Mr. Dotson first started out, his passion for designing custom tools for the aerospace industry drove him to leave his regional manager job with Chicago Pneumatic. Thus giving rise to Zephyr and turning hard work and inspiration into a thriving business.

Today, Zephyr employs over 65 people in it’s expanded 60,000 square foot facility to design and manufacture, assemble, and produce all its fine, made in USA products.

Zephyr Aerospace™ - Aerospace Tools

Zephyr has established a reputation as a leading designer and manufacturer of assembly tools and fastener installation tools for the aerospace industry. Zephyr Aerospace™ designs and develops tools and fastener installation tools for use in the aerospace industry.

These products include Angle Drills, Microstop Countersink Cages, Countersink Cutters, Metric Countersink Cutters, Collapsible Drill Guides and Tips, Rivet Shavers and Cutters, Super Rivet Shavers and Cutters, and Weld Shavers and Cutters. Positive Feed Drills, Riveting Machines, Dimpling Machines, Portable Dimpling Machines, and Dimple Punches & Dies.

Aerospace Tool Catalog

Zephyr Industrial™ - Screwdriver Bits

Since 1949, ZEPHYR’s goal has been to manufacture the highest quality screwdirver bits on the market. Our screwdriver bits are made of the finest materials, manufactured to the exacting tolerances and heat treated to the highest level of performance.

No matter if you are in the automotive, aerospace, electronic or general industry, ZEPHYR has the bits to meet your fastening requirements.

Zephyr Industrial™ offers tool design and development of assembly tools, maintenance tools, fastener installation and removal tools, and power tool accessories for use in the general industrial tool industry.

Industrial Tool Catalog

Kwik-Lok™ Temporary Fasteners

These products include Plier Operated Temporary Fastneners, Power Operated & Manual Temporary Fasteners, Power Nut Runners & Drill Stops, Side Grips & Clamps.

Kwik-Lok Temporary Fasteners