D-180 Military/Aerospace Hand Hydraulic Riveter

PART #: D-180
NSN #: 5120-01-430-5345


  • Power Source: Hand Hydraulic
    Stroke: D-180 = 0.825” (2.09 cm)
    D-100-C = 0.625” (1.58 cm)
    Pull Force: D-180 = 5000 lbs
Additional Features
  • Adjustable Lever
    Ergonomic Handles
    Light Weight




D-180 (Military) Riveter

The D180 tool is an aerospace (military-grade), hand-hydraulic riveter. It is light-weight and compact for limited access areas. This is your most cost-effective, aerospace-quality option. Maintainers include commercial airlines, General Aviation, helicopter fleets, and field modification teams. The tool is also chosen in the aerospace vehicle manufacture sectors.

The D-180 can use nosepieces and accessories from FSI D100, D-700, PT100, PT3000/4000 and PT-4500 kits.

*FSI includes a patented adapter to use CherryMax style pulling heads. It also has a rotating front end for easy adjustments of right-angle and offset pulling heads. The release lever on the side, unlike the older D-100 pressure release button.

Fastener capability:

  • 1/8″ – 1/4″ CherryMax® rivets
  • 3/32″ – 1/8″ Pullthru Nutplate rivets
  • All Pop® type rivets from 3/32” thru 1/4” diameter.
  • Huck Clinch blind rivets 5/32″ – 3/16″

Rivnut® capability:

  • 632, 832, 1032, 1/428, 1024, 1/420, 5/1618 and 3/816
  • (up to three rad).

Ordering options:

D-180 (Only the rivet gun)

NSN: (5120-01-430-5345)

D-100-MIL-1 (without extended-straight, right-angle and off-set pulling heads)

NSN: (5180-01-201-4978)

View D-100-MIL-1 here

D-100-MIL-2 (with extended-straight, right-angle and off-set pulling heads)

NSN: (5180-01-201-4979)

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