Fastening Systems International Inc. (FSI) is a leading supplier for the aerospace rivet industry.  FSI carries a variety of specialty blind fasteners, blind rivet installation tools and specialty sheet metal tool kits used in aerospace technology, military and commercial industries.

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D-9000 Chart

Lighting Solutions


PT-4500H Cordless Riveter

PT-4500H Cordless Riveter installs blind rivets and lockbolts up to 1/4″ diameter. This riveter uses Huck original pulling heads. The PT-4500H 18 volt Li-Ion cordless riveter is Powerful, Versatile, Durable, Ergonomically balanced and made for high production.


D-700C is a lightweight ergonomic hand powered riveter providing means to install a wide variety of blind type fasteners in the absence of other power sources (compressed air or electricity).  It combines the safe and smooth operation of well-known pneumatic hydraulic riveters with the latest research in automatic systems. It features an “intelligent” power optimization system that provides high installation loads at low hand effort. Its durable, all metal design makes this powerful and robust tool ideal for use in rugged repair facilities and field repair.D-700C features a high strength steel mounting system compatible with the previous D-700A and D-100.

D-100/D-180 Riveter Operating Instructions

The D-100 and the D-180 series riveters utilize a patented, two valve, cylindrical hydraulic pump assembly which is actuated by pumping the handles together. Unlike most riveting tools the D-100 and the D-180’s collet/jaw assembly in the case of blind rivets remains stationary while the outer sleeve of the nose assembly is hydraulically moved forward until a sufficient laod is reached to cause the fastener to upset. This video contains operating instructions for blind rivet, blind rivet nut and adapting the special CherryMax pulling heads.


This video will demonstrate how to put on the Special FSI CED and Huck pulling heads to the PT-4000H.

D-700A Using Stroke Gauge F101

This viedo will demonstrate how to use the F101 Stroke Gauge with the D-700A or the D-100 hand hydraulic riveters.


Aero-Land Supply, a division of FSI, offers a customized Light Kit (ALLK-47/ALLK-47U) which includes the light strings, a storage box (ALSB-5441) and light bulbs (ALLB-123). The light bulbs come in a special carrying case (ALBB-47) containing 22 light bulbs with a minimum of 6 plugs for the Chinook Aircraft. Each of these items can be purchased separately depending on the needs of the customer.


The FSI D-700-VM hand hydraulic riveting tool provides the versatility of a pneumatic-hydraulic riveter but with the lightweight, high pull strength ratio not found in other hand riveters. The FSI D-700-VM has a unique 2-stage hydraulic power cylinder that provides the user with the ease of pulling the handle without the strain normally endured to install a high strength fastener. This patented 2-stage power feature allows the user to squeeze the handle throughout the increase power requirement without feeling the need to squeeze harder to install the fastener. The FSI D-700-VM with the standard pulling head can install CherryMAX® and Cherry SST® blind rivets in all diameters. Adapters and/or nosepieces are also available to enable installation of a wide variety of fasteners including Cherrylock “A”, Huck SMLS (NAS1900S), Cherry Maxibolt®, Maxibolt Plus® and Huck Blind Bolts (MS90353/54/S/U), AVK Inserts, Rivnuts®, Cherry and Deutsch Style Rivetless Nutplates, Hi-Shear Blind Bolts, Shur-lok inserts and Davis elliptical blind nuts.


The Cherry G704B is a pneumatic-hydraulic tool designed specifically for the most efficient installation of CherryMAX® 3/4″(19.05 mm) rivets. Its durable, all metal housing makes this extremely robust tool ideal for use in rugged shop environments. This tool utilizes straight, offset and right-angle pulling heads, all of which can install -4, -5, and -6 diameter CherryMAX® bulb type rivets in all head styles, materials and grip lengths. Extensions are available for extending the pulling heads to reach limited access areas. See the section on pulling heads for the correct pulling head part number.


The G704B has been manufactured to give maximum service with minimum care. In order that this may be accomplished, the followingrecommendations should be followed:
1. The hydraulic system should be full of fluid and free from air at all times.
2. Keep excessive moisture and dirt out of air supply to prevent wear of air valve, air cylinder and air piston.
3. Tool should be routinely inspected for oil leaks.
Use automatic transmission fluid Type “A” (no substitutes). CHERRY recommends using Dexron® III ATF


D-700A Bleed and fill procedure.


PT-4000 Repair


PT-3000 Repair