Fastening Systems International produces high-end riveters for the aerospace and commercial Industries.

Hydraulic Riveters

They invented their Legacy D-100 hand-hydraulic version, which is now the improved D-180. An even higher grade hand-hydraulic riveter is the D-700C. Both riveters can pull 1/8 – 1/4 CherryMax, 5/32 and 3/16 (Huck style) blind bolts and support the popular insert/Rivet Nut sizes.

Cordless Riveters

Cordless riveters lack fluids and do not need seal or O-Ring replacement. The PT-3000 is slower for Pop rivets, yet powerful enough for CherryMax. The PT-4000  is faster for CherryMax, yet even more powerful for blind bolts. The PT-4500 has the most powerful motor for tackling CherryMax, blind bolts and even 1/4″ lock bolts. It is also fast enough for the production line. The PT-4500 has Lithium Ion batteries, while the PT-3000 and 4000 use Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH). Lithium Ion is not always accepted while traveling.

Depot-level repair facilities and production facilities prefer the strongest cordless power riveters. The PT-4500 is an absolute beast! The K-1000 and 2000 sheet metal kits have a 100% approval rating.

The K-3000 composite repair kit uses the 8800 micro bonder; which is a combination of A/C power and D/C battery packs. The K-3000 is a U.S. Army Aviation standard for all Type Model Series. There is a roll away tool box available that can house all trays inside the kits. 1st Order Solutions continues to represent FSI as consultants, trainers and resident experts.

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